Its time to vote for your favorite 24 Hour Play Fest participants!

This year, we will be awarding the inaugural Fan Favorite award to the Writer, Director & Actor with the most votes at the beginning of the fest.

$1 = 1 Vote and your votes ensure the best fest for all, helping offset the cost of meals, props, makeup and more!

All proceeds from 24 Hour Play Fest support the Wood Theater and its mission!

To vote, make a contribution of any amount and select your Fan Favorite from the dropdown selection at checkout. If you would like to vote for multiple participants in the same category, you will need to complete separate transactions.

2024 Writers
Carol Durant
Shane Frasier
Matt Funiciello
Tim Gonyea
Emily Murphy
Ryan Robinson
Ellen Santasiero
Ken Tingley

2024 Directors
Timothy Adamson
Lauren Cognato
Jarel Davidow
Paul Kosopod
Amber Lannutti
Jeff Lurie
Frieda Toth
Garrett West

2024 Actors
Sara Anderson
Emily Austin
Kate Austin
Erika Babus McKinney
Dom Bennett
Jabari Cardell
Raphael Cohen
Tamberlyn Dickinson
Ethan Drinkwine
Valerie Epstein
Shelley Fairbanks
Brian Fitzgerald
Kelsey Godfrey
Ben Harvish
Katie Hawksby
Jeremy Kolb
Spencer LeGere
Erika Leonard
SaraBeth Mason
Kevin Miner
Josh Murphy
Nova Nusskern
Sara Rice
Ashlea Rogers
Mikayla Schaefer
Kari Smith
Wendy Steinhacker
Krystle Sweetser
Nicki Valastro
Finn Vanier
Kira Walker
Lauren Whiting
Jereme Young
Alternate: Raphael Cohen