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90% of all the events that happen at the Wood Theater are rentals

Why rent the Wood Theater for your event?

Fully Professional Theater Environment

The Charles R. Wood Theater boasts an ETC ION light board with professional, adaptable lighting options. We also have a modest inventory of microphones and other sound related tools. The Wood Theater is proud to offer accessible, comfortable dressing rooms with ample space for one or 30 people to prepare for a show.

Singer on a darkened theater stage
Ensemble cast on stage

We help you prepare

Though we are a small staff, we pride ourselves on working for you to make sure your experience renting the Wood goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re a pro or new to the Wood, we will work with you leading up to your time at the theater, making sure you and we are prepared for your arrival. Need lighting or sound techs for your event? Don’t worry. We’ve got a list of reliable techs for you.


Our rates are fair and well within current market standards. We also offer 50% off all rental prices for nonprofit organizations.

Cast of a Musical on stage
Wood Theater Outer Lobby

We see you through

Even if you have never produced a live theater, music, fundraising or celebratory event before, we are here to help make sure your event goes well from the moment you check-in until the last light is off after you check-out. Contact us for more information!

Rental Request Form

Submit our Rental Request Form to help speed up the process of booking the theater.

Technical Rider

If you’re tech savvy, you may be interested in reading through our Technical Rider before you arrive at the Wood.