Friday September 16th at 7:30PM
& Saturday September 17th at 7:30PM

Music Director: Matt Gaulin
Director: Emily Murphy
Stage Manager: Nicole McDonald
Production Team: Cam Cardinale, Shelley Fairbanks



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Bent Broadway was born in 2021 when the Wood Theater and the Bent Broadway production team dreamed of a way to provide an inclusive performance experience for anyone who had ever missed out on a dream role based on gender identity, age, race or physical appearance. Blind auditions were held and over a dozen performers took the stage to a nearly sold out crowd, singing their dream songs, gender bent solos and duets and inspiring group numbers.

Nope! Several of our 2021 performers had never taken part in a show on stage here or anywhere else. They found this as the perfect, low commitment opportunity to dip a toe in performance.

Absolutely! We welcome former participants to audition, though we cannot guarantee you a solo in 2021, we would love to have you audition to join us for group numbers, a duet or trio, etc.

While not required to participate, we strongly encourage you to consider participating in at least one group number with your castmates! However, if schedules do not allow, we will allow participants to only participate with a solo, duet or trio, etc.

Once the cast list is created, we will have an initial mandatory all cast meeting/rehearsal where we will assign sheet music, roles, etc. At that time, we will gauge interest in group numbers and curate a rehearsal schedule that is most convenient for the entire cast. If you elect to participate in all group numbers, this may mean that you will be asked to attend a portion of each rehearsal.

The final three rehearsals the week of the show are mandatory. 

‘Dancing’ is a very loose term for what we expect from the cast. Any ‘choreography’ is typically very simple including steps, hand/arm movements, etc. We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable.

Please do! Our auditions fall the same week, but their auditions run Wednesday and Thursday while ours are Tuesday/Wednesday. We have spoken to our friends at GFCT and though their first week of rehearsal is our show week – we will work together to ensure anyone interested can do both if cast in both.

When you arrive for auditions, you will be greeted by one member of the production team who will ensure that you have filled out the audition forms and we have all the information we need, including your sheet music. You will then sing behind a curtain, with our audition panel unable to see you and unaware of your name or any information about you. This way, we will make casting decisions based on talent and not your appearance, gender, age, race or any physical trait about you!

Though we wish we could accept all auditions for this production, we were overwhelmed by the number of folks that came out to audition in 2021. We want to ensure that we are able to provide all participants with one-on-one and group training in advance of the show, and with such a limited time frame – can only accept a certain number of performers. Don’t be discouraged, though! We encourage you to come back to audition next year and for any other projects we are working on.

We do ask that participants are over the age of 18, otherwise we welcome auditions from anyone regardless of ability, experience, age, gender identity or race.